Sitemap - 2021 - Pointless Exercise

It's time for some major awards

John Madden loved our 80's Bears nearly as much as we did

Two Bears, no cup

Gameday: They should pay us to watch

With the Cubs, hope for the best, expect the worst

Running diary: A lot of dumb and a lot of bad

Gameday: Time for the NFL to do something bold

Cubs mailbag: Time for some optimism?

Progress? The regularly scheduled butt kicking arrived a little late.

Gameday: An open letter to George McCaskey

A fool proof way to re-sign Kyle Schwarber at a discount

Wet, cold, bad and boring

Stro-man, Stro-man

Cubs sign Opie Cunningham

Take your time, Jed

All that proved was the Bears aren't as bad as the Lions

Gameday: Is anybody in charge?

A new rock-bottom

Gameday: Bring on the gloom?

Remember This Crap? - Bears/Ravens

The Bulls

A year too early?

Running diary: Bears v. Steelers

The offseason has started and may never end

Gameday: No Bears today, then too much of them tomorrow

The Immortals

Nagy was missing, but his fingerprints were all over the Bears latest loss

Gameday: Tabor Day

Overmatched and overwhelmed

Gameday: The Bears had themselves a week

The Bulls are back!

Tom Ricketts thinks we're all really dumb

Who ownzzz the Bears?

Gameday: So long Aaron, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out

The Cubs are done, but at least they have company

The Bears do what it takes

Gameday: The future is here

What exactly do the Cubs have?

No matter what. There's no going back now.

Gameday: Nagy is at his paranoid dumbest

Is it over yet?

He's not not an idiot

Gameday: The first day of rest our our quarterbacking lives

This week's pods, Justin Time

Fun facts about what's left of the Cubs

The future is here, whether they want it or not

Gameday - Dalton already got his revenge, so what's the point of all this?

Podcast recap - "Podcap?"

The Cubs have important games to play--just not for them

The Bears are who we thought they were

Still time to cram for the Bears opener

Bears ready for weak one, err, week one

The Bears' season doesn't really start Sunday

Let's be Frank, the Cubs will learn the wrong lesson from this

What's worse? That they're bad, or so predictable.

We know how this ends, so why are we starting this way?

The Cubs made a movie that nobody asked for

Can we just fire them now?

As the losing mounts, the Cubs honor themselves

Monday Morning Bearin' Down

Rules you never knew we needed

So, I assume there's a plan

Letter from Tom Ricketts to you

The Remains of the Cubs

Instant Analysis - They're all gone

Instant Analysis - Rizzo traded to the Yankees?

Instant Analysis: Cubs trade Chafin to the A's; Javy acts like one

A week of pain is nigh

Sogard's finally gone, way too late

Deal with your deadline angst at Pointless Exercise

The Cubs will not go undefeated in the second half

Instant analysis - Premature Joc-ularity

Ross is fine with players being vocal as long as they don't do it out loud

We don't need to say goodbye to Jake

Back up the truck

This is not good

Cubs piquing at the wrong time

I guess some guys are just inoculated from being benched

Somebody needs to fix this

Are the Bears really willing to leave Chicago?

Few things are more fun than beating down the Cardinals

Winning has forced the Cubs to pretend it's what they wanted all along

Cubs lineup decisions are obvious, maybe not easy

Tony's unwritten rules of sobriety tests

This works because the right guys have gotten hurt

Great, and not so great, moments in base running history

Nico's getting smaaaaaarter

The Cubs aren't going away

Free for all: The Cubs are now baseball's most offensive team

The welcome backs are just starting

Duffman is thrusting in the direction of the problem

Missing the tournament won’t be the worst thing for the Bulls

The Cubs outfield o' death

The Cubs have at least been fun lately

Wait, are the Bears going to get good?

The Cubs keep running out of hitters

Draft nite: Picks 21-32

Draft nite: Soldier(s) Fields!

Draft nite: Picks 1 - 10

Draft nite: Aaron Rodgers isn't happy? You don't say.

Your indispensable guide to the NFL Draft

Baseball math is not that hard

The bases were loaded and so, apparently were the Cubs’ pitchers

Time to open the old Tweetbag

The Cubs don't really mind if you boo as long as you pay to do it

A-Rod's weird, the Cubs are bad, what's new?

Willson's revenge was pretty sweet

The Cubs reach a new low

Is it a slow start if it's been going on for three years?

Free for all: "Rossy" presses his luck

Time to let cool baseball players do cool baseball things

Fearless forecast

Now the season's really started

Long time, nothing's changed

A good kind of Opening Day blowout

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The Pointless Index: Show the man some respect

The beginning of the end of an era

Just so much dumb going around

You can tell a lot about a guy by his shirt

Are Javy and Rizzo really going to stay?

Roster nonsense

Hey, you can pay to see the Cubs again!

Pedro's back...home already

There's a new Boog in town

They are shortening spring training without making it shorter

The pitch lab is great, except when it isn't

The Cubs are just making this all weird

The Pointless Index

“Wish we'd had him four years ago.”

Old Cubs keep getting new jobs

The Cubs plan is that they have no plan

As hard as it is to see, letting Jon Lester go is not a mistake

Monday Morning Cubbin' Down

Bears stuck in the slime zone

Playoff purview

They're not booing Marquee they're saying Boog

The Bears get more than they deserve