Sitemap - 2023 - Pointless Exercise

Are the Cubs risk averse or cheap?

Podcast: Continued home dominance

Podcast: Losing from ahead

Whether you want it or not, Cubs Convention is back

Well, there goes our precious "In The Hunt"

Podcast: Remember This Collapse? Part Two: 1969 - 1999

Podcast: The Bears are still alive

Shohei the money...10 years from now

The North has been taken

Podcast: Remember This Collapse? Part One

Podcast: Winter meetings with David Brown

Time for Jed to go shopping

Everything you need to know about the Cubs new bench coach

Podcast: You can fire him without telling him

Even playing sideways the Bears have enough to beat the Vikings

The Cubs can bail out all those teams whose TV money is drying up

Podcast: A lot of fresh Lions jerseys

Can the Cubs really land Shohei?

NFL games are three minutes too long

Triple-A ain't what it used to be

Podcast: All Bears all the time

Counsell feels out the media

Answering the tough questions

Bears win one of the dullest games ever played

Pointless: The Bears can't lose even if they lose

"Thanks Dave, I'll take it from here."

Podcast: Cubs launch Ross and hire Craig Counsell?

It's more than halfway over!

Podcast: Gonna make you Sweat

About what we expected

Count on the Cubs to draw the wrong conclusion

Podcast: Remember This Crap? Bears-Chargers

Podcast: They were due

Bagent of chaos

Podcast: Jon Greenberg on the legacy of the 2003 Cubs

Podcast: Bagent of change

Podcast: The playoffs are not the regular season

Bears done in by thumb luck

Your annual pen pal, Tom Ricketts

Podcast: Back on track

Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt

Won and 14

Jed man talkin'

Podcast: A short week and a short leash

Wait 'til next year

Podcast: Cubs postmortem and playoff preview

More fun, but just as bad

Podcast: Remember This Crap - Bears v. Broncos

Podcast: Home dogs to a team that just lost by 50

Still hanging on

Don't fret. This isn't rock bottom. That's still coming.

Podcast: Remember This Crap - All-time Bears' indignities and Bears-Chiefs history

Podcast: Winning Time was not about these Bears

Nobody said this would be easy

From bad to still pretty bad

Gotta get over the guys "who got us here"

Podcast: Multi system failure

We should have seen this coming

Hey, the Cubs actually fixed their lineup. For a day, at least.

The Cubs are gunning for home field

Podcast: NFL Season Preview

These Cubs don't make it easy

Waiver mania

Three big weeks

Not so secret Bagent man

Podcast: Cubs with Tom Loxas

Somebody else's podcast: Jed speaks!

Jed's trying to Ross-proof the roster

Podcast: Somebody's not gonna make it

Time to make another run

It's not Happ-ening

The road to the playoffs is paved with a soft schedule

Podcast: Post-trade deadline afterglow

Jed's plan was so complicated he couldn't even tell it was sort of working

The Cubs make the right move

The Cubs have been shamed into not selling

Podcast: Remember This Crap: Cubs-White Sox

The Cody Bellinger decision should be pretty easy, even for the Cubs

The big day has arrived for current Cub and Hall of Famer Pat Hughes

Podcast: The trade deadline approaches

The long, winding road to nowhere

Do not let these people get an All-Star Game

Podcast: Will the Cubs buy, sell or just crap themselves?

Hey Cubs, figure this out

Please fire somebody

Season saved?

How bad would they be without all these All-Stars?

Podcast: Movie Deep Dive - 1776

Podcast: Remember This Crap - Cubs center fielders

Back from London and the Cubs need bats more than ever

Running Diary: Cubs-Cardinals London game two

Running Diary: Cubs blitz Cardinals in London in game one

The Cubs are winning with an old fashioned NL lineup

Podcast: Comings and goings

Why do the Cubs insist Stro must go?

The Professor turned back the clock and it was fun to watch

Podcast: The Cubs are really something

Free advice for David Ross

He's back!

Maybe Jed should admit this is a rebuild

Marcus Stroman wants to go where the Cubs are going...nowhere

Podcast: Jon Greenberg

This is fine

Oh no, they suck again

Podcast: Baseball teams keep making it weird

Breaking the Bears' schedule down scientifically

More fans are paying attention and that's not good for some people

Uh oh, Nico

The Cardinals' bungling of Willson doesn't absolve the Cubs of theirs

Podcast: Cross them off, then

Carter really shouldn't be allowed to talk about roster moves

It's never too early for a little urgency

The Cubs good start should be better

NFL Draft round one running diary

It's called designated HITTER for a reason, Rossy

The Cubs are off to a good start, but they need a few moves to keep it that way

Podcast: Early season surprises with David Brown

We are all witnesses to the childlike wonder of...Rick Sutcliffe?

Hey, the Cubs might not be all that bad

What Ian Happ's extension says about the Cubs' real ambitions

More first impressions

First impressions

What if Ross is just bad at this?

The Cubs just expect the rich guy to get all the hits

Jed's plan all comes together in the opener

Cubs Opening Day Chat

Baseball's back!

Podcast: Remember This Crap? 1984 Cubs

Jed did it! He finally got a player to sign an extension!

Save Christopher Morel

The World Baseball Classic is the best

The Bears have a lot of new guys

The "best" players don't all make the opening day roster for a reason

The Cubs' offense sure looks familiar

Did anybody with the Cubs do the math on Dansby Swanson?

Ryan Poles did the thing

Podcast: How's the Cubs roster shaping up

Will the pitch clock save Marquee from themselves?

David Bote's lighting up the Cactus League...again

Podcast: Dog days of spring training

Podcast: The Guardian's Andrew Lawrence on the Bears, Bulls and F1

The Cubs have plenty of options in right without Seiya

Let's fix the Cubs' most pressing issue

Prominent baseball man says Ross could be "one of the best managers of all-time"

Some Cubs fans still need to learn the difference between can't and won't

Projection models foresee some very mediocre Cubs

Third base has been returned to a yawning chasm

Realign this!

The Manfred Man(n) is here to stay

A new year in free Cubs crap

Baseball podcast with David Brown

Sports books love to take our money during the Super Bowl

Jed Hoyer podcast - part two

Jed Hoyer podcast - part one

Podcast: A Marquee new hire, why is Tony Romo so weird, and stuff to watch on TV

Mundane baseball things are happening, spring's almost here!

This whole lineup is out of order!

Podcast: Kelly Dwyer

Cardinals fans get what they deserve

Seems like the Cubs have a type

Podcast: Jon Greenberg on the Cubs and Bears

The Cubs keep giving us things we don't want

Cubs Convention takeaways

Cubs honor the players of my youth

Tom can't stop making it weird

Cubs Convention preview: You didn't ask for it. But it's back!

Podcast: The Bears tank all the way to the top

We did it!

The Cubs find a first baseman they barely even have to pay

Things are going great