Sitemap - 2020 - Pointless Exercise

Dear Cubs, f-Yu

The Bears have two paths to the playoffs

The Bears are lurking near the playoffs

It's gonna be a long offseason

Len Kasper's departure says a lot about Marquee

Cubs refuse to pay our large adult son

The Cubs and Bears face pretty simple decisions

Mitch doesn't have the right stuff, but we do

Cubs beat reporter room rater

What did Theo know, and when did he know it?

Theo’s leaving. Can we go with?

The Lazor Show is headed for a very short run

Voter fraud might not be a thing, but fraud voters in MLB sure are

The Bears "Care Factor™ is high," whatever that is

The Bears offense leads the league in one key category. Doing dumb stuff.

This offseason provides incredible opportunities and the Cubs will take the wrong one

The Bears leave no doubt

Cubs fans know what failure looks like

How much longer can the Bears outplay their coaching?

Return of The Genius? It's just dumb enough to not work, at all.

I hope your team loses, dude

The Bears, masters of the inexplicable

Theo's not out the door but he's putting on his coat

Cubs are rotten at the core

MLB still values the Cubs as programming, at least

MLB Playoffs: Let's Cub it up!

The Cubs finally get to play somebody else

The Cubs could have made this easy

The 2-0 Bears have nothing to apologize for

Cubs back in regular September form

Bears-Giants, let's break it down

If that was Jon Lester's last home start, Marquee didn't notice

Same Mitch, different year

Cubs say goodbye to Miller Park in style

Lions-Bears: Let's break it down

Is baseball really going to give out awards?

It's going to be really hard for the Cubs to miss the playoffs

Cubs fill some holes, at least part way

Deadline prices have never been this low

The Cubs do what they do best--disappoint when it really matters

Things are not as bad as they seem

Who wrote the unwritten rules?

For tHom it really should be 'Enough Already'

The Little Red Plague™ has arrived

Are the Cubs fun? Is Ross actually good at this?

We're gonna need a ruling!

Nobody should ever have to spend five days in Missouri

Heyward enjoys hittin’ ‘em where they is

The Cardinals are trying to ruin this for everybody

The bullpen isn't only offensive thing about the Cubs

Wow, this bullpen problem really came out of nowhere, didn't it?

Don't say I didn't warn you

Fearless predictions for the 2020 MLB season

Burning questions about the 2020 Cubs

Real baseball is on the way

How ruthless is David Ross willing to be?

Monday Morning Cubbin' Down

Did a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters make the 2020 MLB schedule?

Why would Comcast add Marquee now?

"If you feel like you can't sit still, you are not alone."

Further review: Everybody homers!

Crane, crosstown 'classics' and a random blogger

Baseball's back. Do we even care?

Black out punked

Long Dull Summer

Baseball deserves our scorn

The line to offer your pity to the Ricketts starts over there

Further Review: Game 3, 2003 NLCS

"He is not gonna pass this f-ing ball. It's his turn."

Tommy Woo-Woo stopped by Marquee

Leadership: The Jordan Way

A very scientific breakdown of the Bears Schedule

Baseball's plan to return would make more sense without interleague play

"I don't think I'm gonna miss it"

The Last F***ing Dance and some final NFL Draft Thoughts

Mock this draft, second round

Draft mocked, day one

Last Dance with the Bulls, first grope with Ryan Dempster

Marmalard! Dead! Niedermeyer! Dead! Frey...

Baseball's half-assed plan adds another state

Biodome baseball

The sweet smell of spring

Opening Day "classics" on Marquee

My quarantined brain is turning to mush

The “five” most valuable Cubs from the 2016 postseason

You didn't ask for it, but here's another Tweetbag!

Fun with the 2016 Cubs

Your steaming guide to the pandemic

The end of sports isn't any one person's fault

IBBs, bad trades, Yadi, Cubs' panic and more

Did Marquee botch another countdown?

Monday Morning Cubbin' Down

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